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Ready to re-open on June 2nd!!

  • 29
  • May

"We wanted the reopening to coincide symbolically with the Republic Day on June 2nd - said the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Fabriano, Ilaria Venanzoni - to signify the first day of the long journey towards normalcy undertaken by the museum which, for our city represents a real pole of tourist attraction as well as being a driving force for other museums that we are aiming to reopen, as far as possible, in a very short time. " For the reopening, the museum will scrupulously follow the guidelines issued by the Government and the Marche Region. Before entering the museum, operators and visitors will be subjected to temperature control after which they can only enter wearing masks and respecting all prevention requirements. for the emergency COVID19 which will be signaled through panels placed at the entrance and also signaled through the internet portal of the museum and related social pages. The restart will be gradual with hours from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 18. Groups of up to 10 people will be admitted who, after booking online ( or by telephone (0732.22334), will be admitted every 30 minutes: admissions from 10 to 12 in the morning and from 15 to 17 in the afternoon, total duration of the visit max 60 minutes. "The groups thus formed - added Councilor Venanzoni - will be accompanied throughout the course run by museum guides who, in addition to welcoming visitors and illustrating the various rooms, will ensure that the necessary social distancing is respected. There will be the master paper maker who, in the medieval Gualchiera, will carry out the traditional handmade paper processing according to the ancient Fabrianese paper tradition that has made the city so famous in the world. Placeholders were placed on the ground in the gualchiera to identify the correct positioning of visitors during the visit. The exhibition rooms on the upper floor can be visited in safety by having adequate spaces for social distancing and separate entrance and exit doors that will be used on the advice of the accompanying guides on the basis of a path that has been studied and tested in the days preceding the reopening . " At the moment and until new availability, the workshop "We are all Mastri Cartai" is suspended which has been so successful among visitors, from the youngest to the adults, invited to put their hands in dough to create a real sheet of watermarked paper with the assistance from one of the master paper makers. The entrance to the ticket office - where safety plexiglass, sanitizing gel dispenser and signage on the pavement will have been installed to regulate the waiting and guarantee a correctly spaced access - will be allowed to one user at a time based on the reservations received and until reaching of the maximum expected number. In order to have access to the museum, each visitor must confirm, when purchasing the ticket (free for residents), what was declared during the on-line booking or not to come from "red areas", not to be quarantined and to have not been in contact in the 14 days prior to the visit with positive COVID people. The same entrance ticket to the Paper and Watermark Museum will also allow access to other museum structures that should be reopened to the public in the coming days, also in this case upon reservation and contingency of visitors. In order to ensure the widest safety conditions, the cleaning of the premises and the sanitization actions will be intensified which, as regards the toilets and the parts most easily contacted (handles, handrails, switches, etc.), will be made twice a day No cloakroom or audio guide is used. "The Museum of Paper and Watermark - concluded the Councilor for Culture Ilaria Venanzoni - is therefore ready to start again and with them also the exhibition projects that will complement the museum offer in the galleries dedicated to this purpose."