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The raw materials

The raw materials used in manufacturing paper may be divided into 4 broad groups : fibrous raw materials, which constitute the main and indispensable element for paper manufacture; sizing material , used to add impermeability to paper according to the end use; loading agents, used to impart specific requisites to paper destined especially for printing; colouring agents, used to correct the base paper and for the production of coloured paper.

Coniferous or resinous trees
fircommonly with bisulphite
pinecommonly with sulphate
larchcommonly with bisulphite
cypresscommonly with sulphate
Leafy or broad leaved trees
poplarwith bisulphate, sulphate and soda
beechwith bisulphate 
chestnutwith bisulphate and soda
aspenwith bisulphate 
birchwith bisulphate 
eucalyptuswith sulphate 
wheat strawwith soda chlorate and monosulphate soda
rice strawwith monosulphate soda
Annual plantsalfawith soda and soda chlorate
espartowith soda and soda chlorate
canewith bisulphate
compact cotton / tuftsbland alkaline treatment
combed cottonbland alkaline treatment
cotone linterswith soda
hempwith soda
linenwith soda