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FabrianoIn the heart of the Marches, at the feet of the Apennines, lies one of the most widespread territories of Italy, rich with natural beauty and historically-artistic heritages: Fabriano.  The last strip of the “Marca d’Ancona” following Umbria, Fabriano is surrounded by green countryside and uncontaminated nature, which is fine example of a successful union between architecture and panoramic morphology.  Fabriano has been an important cultural crossroads from ancient times and traditions which still today characterizes this territory with expressions of a distant past and recent times where it is possible to take in the natural environment, an ever changing native scenery, rural buildings, silent small alleyways protected from the hustle and bustle of the city and the friendliness of the locals.  A stay in Fabriano will surprise the visitor with the productivity of its fertile lands and outstretched hospitality, warmly extending their fruits of a sweet and wild splendour, bestowing moments of pure emotion, leaving the visitor at ease to float between art and history, spirituality and good food, avant-garde and tradition.

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