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A thousand footsteps in the town

A thousand footsteps in the townFabriano, a thousand footsteps in and around the town: a travel into the heart of Paper, Print, Music, Art and Italian Genius.

The offer “Fabriano, thousand steps in the town centre: a travel into the heart of Paper, Print, Music, Art and Italian Genius”, is mainly reserved for schools and organized groups.

The offer proposes a full immersion in the Town of Paper, a time machine that will allow visitors to discover the history of Fabriano Paper and the first western/westwards paper (through the tour of the Paper and Watermark Museum). They can also discover the techniques of printing with ancient typographical and lithographic presses, in addition to the techniques of bookbinding (in the new division MCF "La Civiltà della Scrittura"). The visitors can furthermore enter into the music world in the Historical Piano and Sound Museum through the animated setting of the 18 historical pianos: these instruments, belonging to the Claudio Veneri collection, are dated from late 1700's to early 1900's.

The concert guided tours represent a real travel into the history of Piano, Music and the musicians who had written, with these instruments, some of the most important pages of Music.

A close encounter with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, Debussy and the original instruments they had used to compose and play their most famous music: this music can here be listened with its authentic sounds thanks to the concert of a pianist who will guide a tour allowing visitors to live emotions and unheard suggestions.

This cultural offer will also allow people to admire the artistic beauties preserved in the Public Art Gallery “Bruno Molajoli”: this art museum is considered by important critics of art, like Federico Zeri and Vittorio Sgarbi, one of the most significant in Central Italy for its works dated back to 1300's and 1400's, and it offers a collection of a very great artistic value.

“Fabriano, thousand steps” includes also the Old Trades on Bicycle Museum, an exhibition of ancient bicycle used for jobs and trades: it represent a real glimpse on Italian history from 1920's to 1960's. The collection dramatically reveals the efforts and the daily difficulties when Italians started again to live, with the sweat of their own job, after the troubles caused by the two WW.

Definitively the proposal, for only 14 euro (fare for organized groups) includes:

- Paper and Watermark Museum (guided tour included) + new division “Writing Civilisation”

- Historical Piano and Sound Museum (concert guided tour included)

- Printing Museum "Civilization of Writing"

 - Old Trades on Bicycle Museum (guided tour included)

Some videos are available on YouTube, to have a look and an idea about these original and unique museums: follow these links!

MCF – Writing Civilization “Civiltà della scrittura”

Historical Piano and Sound Museum (Museo del Pianoforte storico e del Suono)

Old Trades on Bicycle Museum “Museo dei mestieri in bicicletta”

The offer allows to organise a very low cost cultural journey for a whole day without getting on and off the bus, and following the pedestrian paths inside the historical town center.

The program can be modified, if interested in educational activities to pay a bit more in MCF (workshop “Siamo tutti mastri cartai”) or in the new division MCF “Civiltà della Scrittura” (workshop of typographic and lithographic printing).

Groups (minimum 15 people up to 50 people) “Fabriano, a thousand steps in and around the town centre: a travel into the heart of Paper, Print, Music, Art and Italian Genius” can take advantage and book the offer through the incoming agencies.

Janus Viaggi: Tel. 0732/22522, E-mail

Aleste Tour: Tel. 0732/3164, E-mail.

Santini Viaggi: Tel. 0732/23161, E-mail

Viaggi del Gentile: Tel. 0732/5345, E-mail

The operators will be able to provide informations and tourist facilities (hotel booking, restaurants, shuttles, etc..).

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